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Established in 1999 as a one stop real estate and financial services organization. Our mission is to help our clients acquire, grow, and protect the assets of their families and businesses using real estate, insurance, and financial products. We are in the Asset Protection Business with a focus on Building Wealth through real estate. We host educational workshops to increase financial awareness in the community.  Shea’s flagship product is our Money Matters Analysis, which gives a detailed account as to where each client stands financially, while projecting how they are trending toward their financial goals. The report makes it simple to create a sound, straightforward, make sense financial plan to accomplish the baseline financial goal of growth and diversification. The plan is designed to meet each client exactly where they are so that we can take the next steps toward achieving their financial mission.  Shea’s core values are faith, community, growth, honesty, love, security, and accountability.
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Established in 1999

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